Pinball Yeah! Varies with device


4 tables pinball
great fun for all players

PinballYeah! Is intended for Mid-High Range Devices.

Pirates, Leprechauns, Krakens, Artificial Intelligence, a metal ball and your thumbs. The secret formula that takes you deep into a new and innovative fantasy pinball experience.

Embrace a virtual world controlled by an evil A.I., with no purpose other than to seek your high-score's demise! Four tables are available for your thumbs delight:

-Outsmart the wicked A.I. to gain access to other simulations.
-Assist the pirates against the mighty Kraken, while keeping an eye out for treasure!
-Quench your thirst and grab a handful of peanuts at "Ye Old Irish Pub" to help you focus on your quest for the Leprechaun's life savings!
-Get some classic pinball action on, without bothering your parents for an endless sum of coins!

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